Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ptolemaic Phalangites Phinally Phinished!

My friend Jeff has finished the unit of Ptolemaic phalangites I painted for him.  They are shown based in all their splendor in Part Five of the article I did for Jeff's Web site, Ancient Battles .

Here are some samples of Jeff's photos of the completed unit (click on them to expand them):

Jeff designed the shield transfers, and I think they look great.  I very much appreciated the opportunity to paint these fellas for him.



DeanM said...


Beautiful work. But wait...it appears some have their eyes painted!? :) Dean

Allen said...

Yes, those would be on the command figures that Jeff did! On the "rank and file" phalangites, I did no more than suggest eyes under the brows.


Galpy said...

The work is very good you must be very pleased with the way they look now that they are based great job.