Monday, November 23, 2009

Well, it's certainly been too long since the first post!  But I just got done with the third and fourth installments of Jeff's Ptolemaic project and sent them off to him.  Jeff has formatted them for, but here are a few teaser photos:

First are the two "rank and file" phalangites which Jeff sent me as painted examples to go by:

And here are the three types of figures that I've done for him, first the same two as his examples; these are 1st Corps' Ptolemaic phalangites from several years ago:

And here is the third type, 1st Corps' new style of Ptolemaic phalangite:

And here is the entire unit, completed:

So keep any eye on Jeff's site; he'll have the completed unit up soon, I expect!  Here's a link to the first of the series of articles:

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